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Analog Monthly: January 2017

I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue writing my monthly retrospects for 2017. Do I just continue down the same path and just move one notch over for the new year? Should I opt for some other format to share my imagery? As you can tell, I’ve decided to continue my project but with some slight changes. 

As far as new years resolutions go, this is about as close as I will come. I have culled my list of images down considerably. This month weighs in at 53 images, which is down from the average of 125-150 images each month from last year. 

I’m sure none of us out here would have problems sharing all of our images one after the other. Here is my commitment to improving my selections and improving the curation of my photos. 

I’ve stopped sharing images to Instagram. I’ve found that simplifying how I connect with others through social media has been liberating and lets me focus my energy on areas where there is the most value.

For the most part, that is Twitter. I find the feedback, support and inspiration is easily sourced in abundance. I am not saying that Instagram is not valuable. I am simply saying that I get more benefit Twitter and the connected community of film photographers. 

In place of my daily posts to Instagram, I’ve now starting sharing images directly to my website (Squarespace Blog). The photos I share through my website take a few more moments to share than if I was sharing through Instagram but I find that to be a positive. I can easily share to Twitter from there, which is what I mainly do.

I find that I am not adhering to my usual schedule of one post every day. I’m posting in a much more sporadic way which relieves the pressure of sharing images fill a slot and not because I want it to be shared. This bit goes along with making better selections and trying to be more disciplined in my analysis. 

This is new shape of future retrospectives to come, starting with January 2017. 

I think you’ll find the dominant themes this month were snow, winter colours and contrast. Aside from losing yet another Canon Elan, I mainly shot with the Pentax K1000. Due to the cold weather for most of the month, it was the only camera that would work outside and still operate mechanically. With having sent my Hasselblad away for service, I’ve really warmed back up to my trusty old Asahi. Then, I bought a red filter. I may not have any of my 100’ roll of Tri-X left but I’ve now found another piece of kit I won’t leave the house with.