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Saskatchewan at 10,000 ft.

It was 4:36PM on Saturday, May 7th and I got a message from my friend Jamie asking if I wanted to go for a sunset flight. I didn't need much time to respond since there are not many things that I like more than a sunset, let alone one from 10,000 feet in the air. 

Speaking of the air, due to raging forest fires, the sky has been quite smoky. The haze of the smoke and the hue of the setting sun made for a very interesting combination. 

Tashia dropped me off at the Regina Flying Club within the compound of the greater YQR International Airport. 

I met up with Jamie and we had a quick catch-up while we shot some frames around the hangar. Jamie then started to prep the plane and start on the official flight plan. The plan was to head out to Fort Qu'appelle. 

Within the hour, we were wheels-up and ready for adventure. The view was as expected - astounding! There will never be a time when the aerial view of Saskatchewan fails to impress me. 

We continued our climb until we made it to the 10,000 ft. mark. Once we were up that high, we noticed that we had climbed over the smoke and the view of the sun was nothing I have ever seen before. 

By the way we made it to the valley, we turned and started our route back to the city. The sun, just a burning ellipse hanging in the sky, casting such a warm glow in the sky. Then it was gone and we were guided by the streetlights now illustrating the ground beneath us. 

Making a pass over Wascana Park is my all-time favorite. Everything looks differently from the air, and the gem of our city is no different. 

Once we looped our way past Wascana Park, we came to approach back at YQR International and made a swift, safe landing. We were greeted back at the hangar by ground control, also known as Maverick and the black one. 


It was great to get up in the air again and to do it on such a beautiful evening makes me feel glad I took the effort to actually get out on a Saturday night.