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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

After a quick and dirty update to my portfolio and website, I realized that there could be better ways to share my photos. Turns out, its also a great way to furnish the rest of my website since my blogging frequency can be classified anywhere from occasionally periodic to somewhere beyond sporadically intermittent. 

I'm going to revisit some of the photographs I've made during the month and hang them out to dry, where everyone can see them.  I say photographs because these images are made the old fashioned way: shot with a camera, exposed to film, and processed with chemistry by-hand, in my sink.


But Dustin, don't you shoot digital anymore? Good question, and yes, I do. I really like shooting with my Canon 70D and having the photos instantly there after I fire off what feels like 1000 frames per second. The thing is, I love shooting film. If grain isn't your thing, you can go check out my portfolio full of digital. 

If you're still with me, great! Thanks for stopping by and without further ado, enjoy March 2016. 

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