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October Meet-Up | Wascana Trails

It’s only been a few weeks since our first little photo meet-up. Due to its success, I thought it would be cool to go ahead and do it all over again. 

A small pile of cameras | September 2016

A small pile of cameras | September 2016

It’s really great knowing that even with minimal promotion and preparation, there always seems to be interested folks willing to participate simply for the love of it. 

Not a bad turn out | September 2016

Not a bad turn out | September 2016

This time around, we ventured out to one of my favourite places nearby: Wascana Trails. This secluded nature area is tucked neatly into the otherwise barren Saskatchewan prairie and is frequented by cyclists and canine enthusiasts, alike, thanks to its vast openness and wilderness. 

As a self-diagnosed cameraphile, one of the best parts of these events is seeing what everyone is shooting with. There were some great cameras out in the wild: Stefan with the Mamiya Universal Press and C330 TLR. Michael with his Bronica ETRS and Olympus Pen-F. We also had some Pentax representation with a K1000. That being said, we had a good mix of digital cameras along for the ride, as well.  

Analog or digital, there we were, about 10-strong, shooting it up. These meet-ups are great for me, but even better for my relationship with Tashia. She heaves a sigh of relief whenever I have the opportunity to talk the ears off of others about my film/camera/lens obsession.   

In all seriousness, exploring photography in any capacity is better when you have a few people around to share it with. With these opportunities, it’s all about fun behind (and occasionally in front of) a camera and creating connections around a shared love of creativity.

If you missed out on other meet-ups, don’t worry. They’re not going anywhere. If you want to know how you can join in or help out, send me a message.


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