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Attendance was good at this summer's InstameetYQR event at Wascana Park in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Attendance was good at this summer's InstameetYQR event at Wascana Park in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Instagram enthusiasts in Regina, Saskatchewan decided to officially meet up in the lush surroundings of Wascana Park last Thursday evening. The sun was casting a beautiful warm glow; haziness in the sky from smoke inbound from the south-west. The conditions were near-perfect. 

Just as soon as registration opened, everyone started showing up. Tourism Saskatchewan was gracious enough to furnish us with #ExploreSask T-shirts, which were given to the first 20 registrants. 

Before long, CBC also joined us with some prizes and media crew. The event started shaping up just in time for the photo walk to officially start. 


The first location was the Wascana Marina, right on Wascana Lake. We were greeting with brief sunshowers that provided some relief from the late-summer heat, and was gone before we started to move to the next location. 

It was really great to see the groups of people come together and capture their surroundings in their own way. By watching others just "do their thing", it gives some insight into the creative processes of your peers. 


It didn't seem like long before the squad was downtown. As a large party of mobile photographers, it seemed  pretty intimidating waiting at the intersection of Victoria Avenue & Scarth Street. 

We made our way down into the heart of our city. We made it down Hamilton Street just as the sun retired behind the horizon, leading us into the Blue Hour. Just when we thought there wasn't quite enough light left, we made it to City Plaza for Market Under The Stars. 

Thanks to Regina Downtown, we were hosted by the gracious team at Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria and enjoyed great food and refreshments to finish off the night. 

I would consider the event a smashing success and I look forward to future events in our city featuring the great community we have. 

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