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Where I want to be.

My motivation and determination usually varies quite regularly. Sometimes, during bouts of extreme coldness, I end up getting creative block and feel starved for inspiration. During times like this, sometimes I go digging through old photos to see what I can find. 


I love the nostalgia but I also love to re-edit photos from days past. Not only have my skills improved in post, I like to think I grew very quickly as a photographer, so there is usually a good chance that my images look a great deal better this time around. Even better is when you find images that you didn't deem release-worthy at the time but after time and consideration, become new favorites.


Here is one of those images. I went out to chase the aurora only to come up empty handed. In consolation, I decided to take some self portraits with the ol' headlamp on. I love how heavenly the sky looks with the clouds of varying wispiness, the light shining from the city off in the distance, and the stars hanging out behind the clouds. 

Self-portrait  June 8, 2014  West of Regina, Saskatchewan


The moon was really bright that night so it lit up the road nicely, which is great, because the texture there really helps balance the image with the sky's detail.

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