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The adventure begins in Denver International Airport. We found a fellow frequent flyer. We landed in Managua and drove to Granada to meet up with the rest of the iQmetrix gang. We enjoyed some fantastic food and took in the exciting culture. We worked and mingled with the locals in the village we were helping to develop. 


It was a lot of hard work but as you can see there were many smiles along the way. We had a chance to relax at some of the most scenic places I have ever been to, and I grew closer with lots of people and helped share in some memorable experiences. 


After one week in Granada, we ventured down south near the Costa Rican border. We settled into Playa Gigante, right on the Pacific Coast. We did some hiking and exploring, relaxing, and eating our fair share of chocolate chip cookies and French toast. A much different vibe than the previous week but equally as rewarding. 

For more details about my experiences in Nicaragua, I encourage you to view my photostream on Flickr. The images remain the same but I include a brief description and write-up for each photo. 


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