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The Other Side of the Lens | Feature Video

It's not every day that a professional video crew knocks on your door looking to make a feature about you and your passion. 

I was contacted several months ago and was asked to be featured for an upcoming project featuring creatives in the community. Anyone that knows me can tell you that the sense of community is something that I value highly, so it didn't take much consideration before I was on-board to participate in this new project. 

After a few weeks of planning and getting details for the profile, Play Creative entered the fold, and that's when things really started to get interesting. Play Creative is a local media production company out of Saskatchewan and they do truly incredible work. When I found out the video was being produced by their capable hands, my excitement reached unprecedented heights. 

It was pure joy working with such a talented crew. As a photographer, I usually work alone or sometimes with clients. I don't often collaborate much, let alone on such a large scale as with a fully capable media production team. Plus, they had incredible gear I couldn't help but get completely googly-eyed over. 

We ended up using some locations in the fantastic Lumsden valley, which during the tail-end of autumn, set the stage perfectly for the production. We did some experimentation with smoke grenades, running around in the grass, and of course the interviews. I'll admit that it was a bit foreign to me being on the opposite end of the lens. When you are answering questions while being recorded, it can be a bit unsettling at first but once I started talking and opening up to the questions, it felt good to talk about what I really love and why I do the things I do.

It's not every day that a professional video crew knocks on your door looking to make a feature vignette about you and your passion. I couldn't be more grateful and I'm very happy to be able to share this short video with you.


Thanks Luc, Play, and of course, Tashia

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